July 24, 2008

A blot on the UPA

waiting to be led

The entire country is utterly disgusted at the way in which the ruling UPA has managed to secure a majority in the Lok Sabha.

The people have understood the Govt. for what it is. The UPA allies may celebrate to their heart's content and pat each other on the back but the Aam Admi has seen it all. There is no need for the Govt. to say anything in its defence.

Counting the gains

Behind the scenes, ensuring success

सारे जहाँ से अच्छा, हिंदोस्ताँ हमारा


Anonymous said...

Aam Aadmi? Isn't it rather presumptuous of you to be speaking on behalf of Aam Aadmi?

chadha said...

reference remarks of anonymous above, what is he writing about? what is wrong with saying that aam admi is fed up beause he is fed up.

Kanta Poddar said...

It appears that 'anonymous' belongs the congress party thats why he thinks that only congress knows what aam admi thinks.

Pawar, Nashik said...

I think 'anonymous' is right cuz the congress has all along been able to fool the aam admi wih their stories so they feel that aam admi does not realize what they have done.

Utsav said...

well yes the aam admi always knows how things work at the center, its just that he continues to remain shut... we never speak out, our views views tht matter are never out.

india-awake said...

utsav is right but if the young generation to which he belongs sheds its apathy and creates an awareness amongst all those who are willing to listen to them, about what is wrong with the system, perhaps, they will live to see a better tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

You folks are missing the point regarding my 'aam aadmi' comment. My point was that how can the writer of this blog claim that he speaks for the aam aadmi? What is aam aadmi anyways?

pawar said...

anonymous, why cant anyone speak for aam admi? is not aam admi meant to convey the average person. Do you mean to say that only those who shout slogans of helping aam admi know what the average person thinks?

Come on! You are from another world if you believe that the aam admi is not shocked by what the govt. did to win the vote.

Michael Lobo from mumbai said...

seen the interesting discussion above.

does anonymous think that there were no malpractices? Does he know for sure that MPs were not paid money or promised to be made ministers?

Is it logical to think that the people - aam admi or not so aam admi - would be happy with all that?