June 25, 2008

TRPs of UPA falling rapidly

The UPA Govt. has been clearly tripping on several issues lately.

Consequently, the TRP ratings of the Serial-cum-Reality Show of the UPA Jamboree Productions are coming down rather too quickly. Also, the Reality Show side and the Serial side are becoming so much entangled that it is difficult to understand whether the motley cast of characters are part of the one or the other.

On the Reality Show side, the Quizmaster Chidambaram himself is faltering and does not have any more answers on the Inflation figures. He and the contesting team of which he is part, all appear set to fail in the Paanchvi Class before the 5th year. In the channel running the UPA Serial where he has been seen as the good guy and semi-Hero all along, Chidambaram has suddenly become a villain and has been getting booed for failing to tame the demon called Inflation. Several story writers were asked to write reasons why the Inflation demon suddenly descended on the scene though not in the original script, but none could invent a good enough explanation. Incidentally, the only person whose performance is being applauded even now is the person who plays the Vidushak - comedian - in the Serial. The Head of the Family in the Serial is made to helplessly watch the drama going completely off-script.

The Left Parties playing the character roles of benign villains in the garb of benefactors of the country continue to be disliked by the good guys who are feeling helpless at not being able to push the Nuke deal through. Different script writers have tried to give new dialgoues to the spoil-sports but they seem to be in a mood to say only the lines which they have written themselves.

It seems that because of below-expectation performance and the fall in popularity, the Serial and the Reality Show may be ended even before their time, much like “Paanchvi Pass”, but with hopes of making a come-back some time in the future. The new Serial is likely to be named “KKab aur Kaise” and the Reality Show, “KKya Sirf Ek Hi Chance?”.