September 19, 2008

Home Ministry - A Farce Carried Too Far

Delhi, the Capital of India - Safe and Secure

Blasts in Delhi 13th Sept. 2008

Expendable Human Lives

After the event .... The Soap Opera

12th Glorius Episode

"The ROAR of a Purring Cat"


Meetings...ACT I

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Grand Finale...... The End Result

In the last five months, India-awake has been highlighting the miserable and pathetic performance of the Home Minister.

The first article was written on May 20, a week after the blasts in Jaipur but much before the three terrible blasts in Bangalore, Ahmedabad and Delhi.

The following lines described the performance of Shivraj Patil:
"The Home Minister seems to be all at sea and has so far succeeded only in enhancing the doubts and fears of the people. On the other hand, he continues to fumble when cornered by media with difficult and awkward questions like the delay in giving a recommendation to the President on the petition by Afzal Guru. Under his leadership, the Ministry even does not have an assessment of the extent of infiltration that is taking place from across the borders, especially Bangladesh. By no means is the task of the Home Minister of India is easy. But the task has to be done and cannot be left to someone who does not have a strong personality and a clear mind. The kind of wishy-washy image that Shivraj Patil has, could certainly be a factor that will embolden the terrorists to do worse than what they have done already." (see here)

True to the foreboding, the terrorists struck on 25th July in Bangalore and on 26th July in Ahmedabad.

Once again, on 28th July, two days after the blasts in Ahmedabad, India-awake said:
"Shivraj Patil, who…, has developed the subtle art of putting the blame on the States, continues to dole out meaningless comments on how terrorism will not be allowed to succeed, where facts suggest a completely different picture.Shivraj’s lack luster performance has brought the country the trauma of experiencing loss of lives and property at the time and place of choosing by the anti national forces." (see here) Also see related article (here).

True to anticipation, the strike force of the terrorists and anti-national elements has reached the very doorstep of the seat of power.

And yet, not only the Home Minister, whose apathetic ways are known to the entire country, but even the slothful Government continues to prevaricate and procrastinate a week after the event.

Such is the tragedy of the people of the country that as of now, the Government does not exist as far as their safety and security are concerned.

Deeply angered and frustrated and yet utterly helpless in changing the Government at least for now, the people are left to fend for themselves and pray.

This is what comes from trusting an uncaring, incompetent and impotent Government.

सारे जहाँ से अच्छा, हिंदोस्ताँ हमारा