June 29, 2008

Nuke Deal and Inflation - Brief Status Report in Pictures

The Indo - U.S. civilian nuclear agreement and Inflation, the two issues, which have become potatoes too hot to handle in the last few months, may push the country towards elections before time.

Here is a brief perspective on the present status. Pictures speak louder than words, they say.

The Nuke Deal Impasse

Left Parties

Congress President and PM

(will he quit?..)

Mulayam Yadav :"Support Congress?" "mmblmmblnotenemymmbljmblpoliciesmblmmbl3rdJuly"


Stuck on the Inflation Highway

Einstein teaching Economics of Chidambaram

From Chidambaram's own Class Primer


Ramya Varma said...

Hey thats quite a graffitti. I loved it. Hmm.. satire is still the best form of awareness. It puts across a serious issue in th most humorous manner..but effectively. I dont know if u love music..But i have a song for the congress government and particularly Mr. Chidambaram " We didnt start the fire" by Billy Joel. And forthe 'AAm AADMI' Like you andme.. 'All I wanna say is they dont really care about us' by Micheal Jackson. Hope u got the point.

Satish K., Mumbai said...

Hehe, good effort.

There is another related post on this site which is quite perceptive and hillarous at the same time. Shows how the Americans cleverly play on our leaders.


india-awake said...

Thanks to Ramya for her nice comments.

Like pictures, Music too can be just as effective a communication tool! Got your point. "Didn't start the fire" is very appropriate considering their excuses. The Micheal Jackson song is also apt, the Aam Admi should memorise it.

Keep it up.

Janhavee said...

really, that's hillarious.

Jo said...

Hey thats so true, but I think most of us Indians prefer to be complacent in whatever situation we are. We dont seem to have the fighting spirit, and the ones who really do fight for their rights, are called "fools" or stupid. And people like you and me get into the bad books of the aam janta for rebelling against whats happening in our country and city. Josephine

Mona said...

good one!

Biraj said...

Nice, keep it up

Najma said...

Jo, who says we are complacent.

Blogs like this show that people are awake and want others also to be aware of how we are all being taken for a ride.

This is not the time to be cynical but to say what we think and make our voices heard.

Anonymous said...

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