February 01, 2006

FDI and the Left Parties

The Left parties have been consistently raising basic objections to the UPA governmment's moves to open FDI in Retail.

Despite these objections, the government coolly ignored them and went ahead doing what they wanted to do.

The dillema of the Left Parties came to the fore in an interview given by a CPI leader, Mr. Bardhan on a TV channel earlier this week.

When asked pointedly and repeatedly as to what they would do, the answer was that they would keep protesting.

There are two reasons why they would not like to go beyond making protests.

First, the government would simply overlook their objections, knowing full well that the Left Parties under no circumstances can rock the UPA boat.

Second, perhaps, they do this for a tactical reason. They will keep putting pressure on the Government at the Centre not to open FDI in Retail. At the same time, knowing that FDI in Retail will be opened, their West Bengal Chief Minister who is waiting in the wings, will be the first to take full advantage of the opening up by inviting some groups in the State, including Walmart.

This should be a pointer to the people to understand how political parties find strange ways to take advantage of policies that they resist and still manage to keep up their public face.

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chandran said...

The other word for 'strange ways' is hypocrisy.