January 20, 2006

Health Ministry's Smoking Blues


Hon. Minister for Health & FW

Unfortunately, the Hon. Minister is holding on to his idea of banning tobacco use scenes in movies and television, hoping that this will eradicate the evil of smoking and tobacco consumption in the country.

So far, the Ministry has not produced any credible evidence of cause and effect relation between tobacco use scenes in movies and starting of tobacco use by kids. i.e. any study that shows that 'x' number of kids did actually start smoking or tobacco use solely by watching such scenes in a movie. And if any such credible study was actually done in India, when and by whom was it done, what was the methodology and the size of the sample.

Secondly, the Ministry has already banned sale of tobacco products to persons under 18 years of age.

So, what is the real justification for continuing with his pet scheme?

And now, another 'brilliant' idea from the Ministry that will eliminate all the health problems of the country: ban on alcohol in chocolates.

1 comment:

sunita said...

What is next Mr. Health Minister?

Any more wild ideas can be tried on we Indians.