January 08, 2006

Agenda for Brinda Karat and the Health Minister

Considering the serious concern that Com. Brinda Karat and the Union Health Minister apparently have for the sensitivities of vegetarians in the country, it would be desirable for them to focus now on the following:

1.Use of gelatin for pharmaceutical capsules should be banned.
Alternatively, all medicine manufacturers who encapsulate their medicines, should be required to take a licence to use products derived from animal matter and also declare on the package/strip containing the capsules if the capsules are made from gelatin derived from animal matter.

2.Use of Dicalcium Phosphate or Glycerine derived from animal matter for manufacturing toothpaste should be banned.
Alternatively, all toothpaste manufacturers who use Dicalcium Phosphate or Glycerine derived from animal matter in their toothpaste should be required take a licence to use animal based products and also to declare on the packages the ingredients which are derived from animal matter.

3. Use of Gelatin which is derived from animal matter should be banned in all food products such as confectionery, ice creams etc.

Com. Brinda Karat should immediately take up these issues through the national Television Media, to be followed up by the necessary statements and action by the Union Health Minister.

This would be a good beginning and more areas of focus could be added on later.


J. Chawla, Mumbai said...

You cannot expect such action from anyone because they will have to take on the multinationals.

The multinationals are not the same cup of tea as the domestic practitioners of traditional systems.

Anonymous said...

It is to be hoped that the Health Minister will stop supporting such political actions by interested parties.

S.S. Chari said...

Unfortunately, individual ministers in this Government are all the time working on their own whims and fancies.

Amit Varshneya said...

Brilliant post ! (I assume you are being sarcastic. If you are not sarcastic, then my opinion is drastically different).

SSR Chari said...

Of course, the blogwriter is being sarcastic!

Red said...

Karat's problem was not that animal products were used, but that their use was not disclosed. And why shouldn't traditional practioners be exempt from basic consumer laws and health and safety norms?

R.N.Pradhan, Mumbai said...

mr red seems to be unaware of the facts. he should read an earlier article by the blogger i.e. Maligning Ayurved.

There is no point going by one-sided statements of Ms. Karat which were made with intent to mislead.

Jalani said...

Even if the blogger is partly serious and only partly sarcastic, the alternative suggestion of proper declarations and licensing seems sensible.

Anonymous said...

Where is admin?!